About Us

SINDYAN Entrepreneurship & Development

Developing integrated and sustainable participatory and
entrepreneurial systems and programs, and providing excellent services and products to all target groups, in order to support national development plans in all its tracks; Economic, social and political, and contributing to support the national economy by participating in the preparation of policies and legislation that support and enable the entrepreneurial environment in the Kingdom and keep pace with the latest technologies
and creative methods.


Our Mission

Spreading and empowering the culture of
entrepreneurship, free work thinking and
orientation towards future jobs, the
culture of the participatory economy, and
integrative projects that achieve financial
sustainability and security for all groups
of Jordanian society and positively affect
the national economy of the Kingdom.

Our Vision

Towards an innovative, participatory,
entrepreneurial environment that
mimics the aspiration of Jordanian
youth, enables the sustainability of
local communities, and achieves a
better life for all.

Our Values

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